Saturday , October 19 2019

Winners of Na’at-competition at Dargah Syed Meera Shah Lucknow

I am humble and honoured to accept responsibility of presiding (Sadaarat) for prize distribution for the winners of Na’at-competition ( recital of poems in praise of Prophet Mohammad) held on 24 Nov 18 at Dargah Syed Meera Shah Lucknow.. Mr Rizwan Ahmad (Ex DGP )was the chief guest.Mr Anis Ansari(Sr. IAS), Mr Anwar sagar( Bollywood Lyricist),Mr S.M.Hasnain (D.I.G.), Nawab Masood Abdullah were Guests of Honour. I pleaded for promoting education, specially Girl education& for the unity and integrity in the country.

A very well organised program by Mr. Atiq shah and Sunny was Anchored by Dr Athar Kazmi

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