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PM Dual Face and Current Muslims Victimization using AMU Platform by its Current Management

PM Dual Face and Current Muslims Victimization using AMU Platform by its Current Management
AMU Current VC Dr Tariq sent 5 times a request to PM office requesting him to be the Chief Guest in AMU 100 year celebration. P M Modi in himself is a RSS Top Rank Believer in its Hindutva Belief. Not only in Gujarat but also during last decade he has , on Ground, worked hard to erase Muslims existence in Indian politics as well as stopped Muslim longtime Identity developed in National Role. AMU as the headquarter of Indian National Sacrificing team out of Muslim community, have been always abused by Modi and his group in Indian Parliament and outside who said that AMU and its community is supposed to go to Pakistan.

यह भी पढ़ें : प्रियंका हिरासत में, राहुल पहुंचे राष्ट्रपति से मिलने

As usual in the past there have been some Opportunist in every community, the present AMU VC and his few members Team (who have been very close to BJP Agents in Aligarh , Kalyan Singh & Sons) , for their selfish promotion from BJP Government they misused their powers and used Institutional platform (changing color of nature GREEN and replacing it by artificial Saffron, Promoting Bhagwan culture, Avoiding AMU Minority Character rights, Insulting Sir Syed by keeping him out of his ranking cadre and demonstrating false culture of Devils appeasement by his misuse of power and damaging the values against the will of Muslim community and He invited PM Modi .

यह भी पढ़ें : योगी मॉडल को मिली दिल्ली की केजरीवाल सरकार की चुनौती

On the other hand PM Modi ( A certified RSS pracharak and Commander of Anti Muslim Army in India Killing Gujrati Muslims , Demolish a Heritage and Muslims Shrine Babri Mosque, Damaging AMU and its character , doing Love Jihad , Abusing Innocents Muslims , Killing Delhi poors, and so on They availed a chance to use this AMU plate form obtain A GAIN ( Raise Modi and BJP International Rating as Modi honored by Top Muslim Institute of the India & ultimately Make Muslim FOOL and DIVIDED) With No ANY LOSS to Modi or BJP ( No Blame from Hindus )  ( Making fool to Muslims is Gain with no loss )

यह भी पढ़ें : मुज़फ्फरनगर दंगा: बीजेपी विधायकों पर दर्ज केस वापस लेगी योगी सरकार

This ceremony Both Host and Guest can be classified ” Feather of bird FOB” IDIOM AS BIRDS FEATHERS FLOCKS TOGETHER. They Did Marriage of Conveniences .
Consequently this act of Both AMU and Modi whether purposely or not have caused:
Great Shock , Muslims Divide and ILL feeling among and in the heart of Not only Muslims but also secular non Muslims whose generations built this country.
Great Gain provided by AMU to Modi in this occasion: Globally everyone will see publications in the world media BJP announcing that Modi got Highest Muslim Honor being invited at AMU and thus BJP is proved no longer to be Anti Muslim – ( WHAT A JOKE )
Clever Modi makes idiots Muslims FOOL
“World Media including Godi Media availed :
Benefits of this AMU celebration Mission to BJP / Modi :
The World Top Muslim institute of Muslims AMU welcomes Modi : BJP , Ranking high among Muslims of India
“Tariq Mission of appeasement and Future Gain like Arif did in the past is simultaneously achieved”
BUT God Almighty will not forgive both of these Dual Face Devils who made the Dirty act of Fooling the Great Indian Institute and its Development of Humanity mission.

Wajahat Farooqui

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